Sunday, 10 June 2012

Victorian Antique Chesterfield Sofa

Rebecca Martin has fully restored this Victorian Chesterfield Sofa from frame up. Using traditional materials & methods the seat of the sofa has been webbed & then coil spings have been hand tied . A layer of coir is hand tied in place & regulated to give an even finish & to sculpt the shape of the seat.  Next a layer of pure hair (hog & cow tail ) is tied in by hand & regulated to an even finish. A layer of cotton wool flock is added & then loom state calico
The back & arms have been hand  made in the same way

The sofa is covered in Abraham Moon Heritage Collection - Skye in the Sage Colourway

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  1. Sofas only require very little maintenance, they are also very easy to clean. All you need do is apply a soft cloth to clean the surface, for any spills or stains you just add some mild soap to a damp cloth and concentrate on removing the stain.

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